Why Choose Us

Why Choose Tacet Investigations

With so much choice from investigators and private detectives in London, why should a prospective customer choose to hire Tacet Investigations? Below you'll find just come of the reasons why customers have been choosing to work with us since 2013.

Our Unique Selling Points


Proven Track Record

Tacet Investigations has been helping clients since we first started operating in 2013. Many of those clients have continued to use our services which is why we're in demand as one of London's leading private investigation agencies.


Industry Experts

All agents who work for Tacet come from a security or intelligence background and are recognised professionals and experts in their area of specialisation. Whether we put together a twelve person team for a long term and in-depth investigation or the role is conducted by a single agent, our customers can be assured that our agents are highly skilled experts who will deliver results to the highest possible standard.


Wide Range of Services

Due to our reputation as one of the leading private detective agencies in London we have access to a wide pool of of industry experts whose expertise we can use as and when the need arrises. This allows us to offer a wide range of services and options to our clients.



As one of our core values, confidentiality is a priority for Tacet investigations both for our customers and our agents. We often handle sensitive and difficult situations which require trust. Because of this clients can be assured that all correspondence, details and outcomes are and will stay 100% confidential.



Due to the sensitive nature of this line of work we conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism in the way we operate and also in the way we work with our customers. Our reputation has been built over years or work executed with the highest level of professionalism.



One of our three core values, Integrity defines the way that we handle our operations and investigations. The world of private investigators has had, rightly so, a bad reputation in years gone by but Tacet operates a totally legal and transparent approach to our work. This level of integrity enables our customers to be happy in the knowledge that we will conduct the work in a completely lawful and legal way.