Private Investigator UK – Services

Private Investigator UK - Services

With such a large number of private investigators in the UK market, it's important for customers to know what type of services are offered and how they can use them.

Tacet Investigations look after clients from a wide variety of  backgrounds and with a diverse range of issues. It's fair to say that no two cases are ever the same, but the broad services we offer could be categorised into three sectors or categories which are: intelligence, investigations and surveillance.

Within these three areas are numerous sub categories which can further break down the services provided by Tacet Investigations. As previously stated whilst, no two cases are ever the same it is very common for an instruction from a client to include services across the three broad categories of: intelligence, investigations and surveillance.

For example an investigation may require aspects of surveillance to support the overall cases objectives. Surveillance on the other hand may be the primary tactic to use in a case and as a result of the findings, intelligence may then need to be gathered on a person, place or organisation to make sense of what has been observed.

The important factor from the point of view of a private investigator is to ensure that the most suitable method is used to achieve the objectives of the investigation. The difficulty is often when the client approaches us with what they believe to be the solution or best method when in actual fact what they may be asking us to do would not be the best approach to achieving the cases overall objectives. In this instance we would advise the client of our recommendations and encourage them to go with our advice. We would never adopt a strategy or method for an investigation, based on what the client asked if we felt it would not achieve the overall objectives of the instruction.

Whether methods relating to intelligence, investigations or surveillance as required, it's important to let the experts advise on the best approach and strategy to use. 

If you're looking on search engines for private investigator UK, then you've found a WAD (World Association of Detectives) and ABI (Association of British Investigators) accredited private investigation agency. The term private investigator UK will return many different agencies who offer investigation services, however Tacet are one of a few who have these two highly respectable associations.