Private Investigator UK – Our Fees

Private Investigator UK - Our Fees

Due to the bespoke nature of the work provided by private investigators, the fees charged can vary. Below is some information about how costs and payment is structured with Tacet investigations.

The cost of an investigation relates to many different factors but at the outset it's important to note that as every investigation is unique it is often very difficult to compare prices between different jobs.

It is also a factor that as the PI industry is unlicensed that there are many different agencies which will charge a range of different prices. Sadly the industry has many scrupulous operators in it and therefore customers should be aware that lower costs don't necessarily mean that they will get the same quality work.

As an ABI (Association of British investigators) and WAD (World Association of Detectives) associated agency, Tacet investigations is completely transparent when it comes to pricing our services and the terms and conditions of payment.

At no point will a customer ever be charged for services which haven't been discussed or agreed (in writing) before hand. Not only this but there are never any hidden charges so customers will know, in advance of the work commencing, what the costs will be.

In most cases, due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of running an investigation, a lower and upper limit for the job will the agreed. This gives the client the knowledge as to what is the lowest and highest amount they may have to pay.

For the investigator it gives us the flexibility to be able to use the agreed resources to best achieve the objectives outcome. This is due to investigations often taking different tangents once the world commences and allows flexibility and adaptability for the investigators but without going over the previously agreed budget.

To find out more about the services offered by Tacet Investigations and the associated costs, contact us to speak to us in more detail. The websites which rank for private investigator UK on Google can vary in quality, transparency and professionalism. Whilst there are many great investigation agencies available for hire, customers are always encouraged to ensure that they are instructing bonafide investigators. Tacet Investigations is associated with the ABI and WAD so if you've been trying to select the right agency after a search for private investigator UK, you can be assured that Tacet Investigations is associated with the UK's and the World's leading trade associations.