Private Investigator UK – FAQs

Private Investigator UK - FAQs

Below are a list of frequently asked questions relating to UK based private investigators.

Are Private Investigators licensed?

Sadly in the UK, the private investigation sector is not licensed. This means that anyone can claim to be (and a lot do) a private investigator despite having no experience, qualifications and in some cases even legal frameworks.

However, the UK has a trade body which is highly respected around the world for it's self regulation approach and adoption of professional standards. This trade body is the ABI, the Association of British Investigators. Every member of the ABI is vetted, checked and interviewed before being able to join the association.

Along with the ABI, there is a global association which adopts the same values, principles and approach to the investigation sectors. This association is the WAD, the World Association of Detectives.

The Managing Director of Tacet Investigations is a member of both associations. This gives our clients the confidence that not only are they working with bonafide professionals but that they will get the highest professional standards available.

Do you work abroad?

Yes. Often cases which are instructed in the UK, contain aspects of work which can take our operatives overseas. This can happen in all aspects of the private investigation services of: surveillance, investigations and intelligence. 

Do you work for overseas clients?

Yes. Quite often an overseas client requires investigation and intelligence services regarding individuals, entities and locations based in the UK. We have often looked after overseas clients with matters relating to the UK.

Whether the client is overseas or based in the UK, due to the sensitive nature of the work tasked by Tacet, we have to run various checks on people and organisations wanting to hire our services to ensure that they are who they say they are and that they are requiring our services for legitimate reasons.

Tacet Investigations offer private investigation services for clients in the UK and abroad. Overseas clients often find us by a referral, recommendation or after a search for private investigator UK. If you have found this website from looking for private investigator UK you can contact us in the strictest of confidence to discuss your requirements.