Private Investigator UK – Confidentiality

Private Investigator UK - Confidentiality

The issue of confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Tacet Investigations. Confidentiality, goes beyond just our clients information and is explained further in this post.

The first consideration, when it comes to confidentiality, is the personal details of the client and the nature of their, often quite sensitive circumstances. Whilst this sounds like a fairly obvious statement for a private investigation agency to make, it is even more important due to the nature of the work we provide.

Confidentiality also relates to issues connected to legal frameworks. For example with the introduction of GDPR, organisations have a legal requirement as to how they handle and process peoples personal data. In the instance of a private investigation agency, this represents the absolute minimum requirement of handling personal data relating to our clients, our agents and our operations.

There is also the factor of "legitimate interest" which relates to confidentiality. The term "legitimate interest" is used when considering the confidentiality of the target. Whilst we would always consider the legal and moral aspects of a potential case, prior to commencing or even instruction by the client, legitimate interest is a factor which investigators apply as to whether the information they may gather about a target is legitimately needed to be passed on to the client.

Whilst ever case is different, if information is gathered about the target, which is not relevant to the case objectives then there is a moral decision to be made as to whether that information should be passed onto the client as the target still has a right to confidentiality to aspects not relating to the case.

Therefore, investigators have to consider the confidentiality of their clients and the target in question. Another example of this is the principle of "collateral intrusion" which is when other people become "contaminated" in an investigation depicts them not being targets. I this instance, we have to ensure that efforts to limit collateral intrusion are taken to protect the privacy and confidentiality of those involved in the case who are not the subjects of the investigation.

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