Private Investigator Nottingham – Our Services

Private Investigator Nottingham - Our Services

On this page we'll be discussing the various types of services offered for private, corporate and legal clients.

Tacet offer all customers confidential and professional services in three core areas: Investigations, Surveillance and Intelligence.

Customers often need our services for different reasons and will therefore require an alternative mix or services with different terms and conditions.

We offer what we would call standard services such as tracing individuals, process serving and witness statements at set fees. The most commonly used service by all of our clients are our tracing services.

We then offer a variety of different types of investigations which are sometimes referred to as "intelligence reports" which again are instructed by all types of customers but for a variety of different reasons and purposes. For example, a legal client may want a "pre litigation" report conducting on behalf of their client with regards to legal action which may involve a claim. This type of report would look to ascertain whether or not a person or organisation has the necessary assets to recover should a claim against them be successful.

For a private client an intelligence report may be with regards to a new partner, who they have recently become involved with and are perhaps considering living with or introducing them to their children. The partner may want to know if the story they are being told is accurate and if there is anything else they would need to know before making an important decision. We offer a wide range of intelligence reports for all of our customers.

Finally we also offer investigations which can only be described as bespoke. These investigations are often more complex and require a far more thorough and in-depth analysis of the situation in question.

Alongside the services mentioned above, we also offer a range of other services which range from surveillance services to sweeping for bugs and surveillance devices in cars and properties.

For more information on the services listed above either have a look around our site or you  can contact us directly. You can call us or email us at All correspondence are treated with complete confidentiality.

For those searching for private investigator Nottingham on the internet, Tacet Investigations is here to help. Our team of experienced and discreet private investigators have helped a wide range of clients with a diverse range of problems. Contact us to find out how we can help you.