Private Investigator Nottingham – Our Fees

Private Investigator Nottingham - Our Fees

Along with the services provided, the fees charged by Private Investigators are often unknown by potential customers. On this page, we explain how our fees are charged and what customers can expect to pay.

The exact cost of the work we are instructed to do by our clients will vary from case to case but in principle there are three main categories of cost.

Firstly there are often occasions when we are instructed to conduct a particulate type of work which has a standard series of actions to it. For example "tracing". In the example of tracing, we would charge a pre agreed fee which is for the whole piece of work. The reason this type of work has a set fee to it is because it is standard practice for a PI agency and because it isn't a bespoke service.

Secondly there are services we offer such as intelligence reports, which will have a set fee associated with it but it will also have a potential variance with an upper limit. For example, if we were instructed to conduct a particular type of intelligence report we may quote a price between (for example) £550 - £950. This would mean that the final cost of the report would be within that price range. This would be due to the fact that even through intelligence reports are standard services offered by PI agencies, often the work involved in each report can vary on a case by case basis. Should the report look to exceed the upper limit, then we would discuss this with our client before embarking on the extra amount of work.

Thirdly there are bespoke services offered by private detective agencies. This would often include very specific types of investigations which are 100% tailored to the wishes of the client and the circumstances of that particular situation. As with intelligence reports we would normally look to quote a price with a lower and upper figure which would give our clients a clear idea of the potential costs of the work. Of course sometimes factors change during these types of investigations and if that is the case with any of the work we are instructed to do, we will always consult the client before embarking on any extra work.

There will never be any hidden or extra fees beyond those quoted. Our clients receive all quotes in writing and will never be charged more than the agreed amount. If a particular investigation requires more work than originally thought, we will always speak to our clients prior to starting anything that may incur additional costs.

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We are one of the most trusted private investigation agencies in Nottingham and our services are used by a wide variety of clients. Please contact us for more information about how we may be able to help you.