Private Investigator London – Our People

Private Investigator London - Our People

Tacet Investigations has some of the most experienced and highly qualified operatives in the private sector. This makes the service we offer unparalleled in the UK industry.

Our operatives are amongst the best, if not the leading, agents working in the UK private sector today. We are able to source the top operatives as a result of our reputation within the industry and because of the high standards we provide. this makes the most experienced and qualified agents want to work for Tacet.

Managing Director

The Managing Director of Tacet is not only an experienced MD but is also has the relevant qualifications and experience in the following areas of the investigation and security world: private investigation, surveillance, counter surveillance and OSINT. He is also a qualified close protection operative.

This unique blend of business experience and acumen, matched with such a high level of experience and qualifications "in field" in the investigation and security industry mean that the person who has the final say is able to evaluate and understand the work provided to our clients and who is best employed at conducted them.


Our operatives are amongst the best in the UK private sector. Tacet are able to boast the skills and experience of operatives who are formally worked for MI5, MI6, the Metropolitan Surveillance and Counter Surveillance teams alongside military units such as  the SAS, SBS, Royal Marines, Parachute regiment and other prestigious military units.

Not only this, but our operatives also go through a selection process with the company to ensure that they meet our exacting standards and requirements.

More Details

If you'd like to find out more about the private investigation services we offer, then please visit the dedicated landing page private investigator London. At private investigator London, you'll be able to find out more information about Tacet and the services we provide.

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All communications with Tacet Investigations are in the strictest of confidence.
At no point will your details or information be compromised.
Customers can speak to us in the knowledge that our communications will be 100% confidential.

To contact Tacet Investigations you can either fill in the contact form or call us on the number below.

If the enquiry is of a sensitive nature please make us aware of this in your correspondence and let us know when is the best time for us to get back to you and by what method: mobile, landline or email.

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