Private Investigator London – Our Services

Private Investigator London - Our Services

Tacet Investigations offer a wide range of services to private, legal and corporate clients. These services can fall into a number of different categories but on all occasions the service we provide is a bespoke approach to each client's specific set of circumstances.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions for our clients. However, it is very rare for two cases to ever be the same so we always need to find out as much as possible about our client's predicament in order to put together the most cost effective solution for them.

Of all the agencies who offer services under the heading of private investigator London, Tacet Investigations aims to be the leading organisation in London. We try to be the best of those who advertise under the term private investigator London.

The solutions we offer can best be compartmentalised into one of the three categories below:


We conduct investigations into a range of different matters. From background checks and due diligence to criminal and civil matters. Investigations are the overriding efforts of our work to either verify or disprove a theory or learn something new on behalf of the client.


As with investigations, our range of intelligence gathering services cover a wide aspect of the work we provide for our clients. Intelligence gathering efforts are normally part of a wider investigation into a person, place or organisation but occasionally we are are asked to gather intelligence as our primary task. This could be a background check on a person or company for the purposes of employment or some kind of business partnership.


Surveillance is also a task most often deployed as part of a wider investigation. Whether it deployed for private, corporate or criminal matters the object of surveillance is simple: To observe the target in order to confirm or deny particular assumptions or to learn something new.

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