Private Investigator London – Our Fees

Private Investigator London - Our Fees

Our private investigation services are available for UK based and international clients. We offer a clear and transparent pricing structure for all of our services.

The key thing to be aware of when it comes to the cost of a private investigation is the fact that no two cases are the same. Therefore the cost of each case is always unique and relative to the given circumstances of that project.


As each case is unique, as will be the relative cost of an investigation. The process we use for pricing and payment of investigations is outlined below but a really important factor for us is the value of transparency. We will never conduct any work which has not previously been agreed in writing. This means that out customers will never face any hidden costs or charges. At the outset of all of our investigations, we will create a document for our clients which will outline all of the details related to the investigation including costs and payment details.

Changing Circumstances

Whilst some cases can be quite clean cut with an obvious start and finish point, case can also be quite unpredictable. Should this be the case where more worked than the previously agreed amount be required, this will be communicated to the client as soon as is possible. At no point would we ever undertake additional work and subsequent costs without the clients agreement before hand.


As mentioned above, all of our clients will received a written document prior to the commencement of any work which outlines all aspects of the case including costs and payment terms. This document enables both parties to be completely clear on what has been agreed prior to the commencement of any work.

Contact Us

To speak to us about the services we offer you can contact us in complete confidence on 0203 1466 659.

Tacet Investigations can be found by typing private investigator London into Google. Of all the agencies which can be found after a search for private investigator London, Tacet is one of a few with is affiliated and associated with the UK's and the World's leading trade associations, namely the ABI and WAD.