Private Investigator London – FAQs

Private Investigator London - FAQs

The world or private investigators can be a minefield for those who are in the industry for the first time.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding our private investigation services. If this list doesn't cover the questions you may have then please contact us for more information.

What are the legalities associated with private investigation?

There are two aspects to this question. Firstly, in the UK the private investigation industry is unlicensed. This means that, in essence, anyone can advertise as being a private investigator. This results in a lot of problems for the bonafide investigators, like Tacet Investigations, as it means that customers can be duped into working with unscrupulous PI's.

The current solution to this is for customers to work with PI agencies who have been vetted, interviewed and accepted into national and international trade associations. These associations have high and exacting standards relating to private investigation and ensure that those registered PIs are of a particular pedigree. This give customers the knowledge that they are working with bonafide investigators and have an authority to fall back on should there ever be any issues relating to their experience with an affiliated investigator.

The second aspect of legality is related to the work that a PI may conduct. Affiliated PIs have to act in a moral, legal and transparent manner. An unaffiliated PI has no such responsibility and on top of causing issues for the client, they would also act in an illegal manner which would therefore implicate the client as having been involved in the act and therefore be complicit in a potential crime.

The rule here is to only work with verified PI's and intelligence agencies.

How much will it cost?

Each case is different and therefore the exact cost for all cases will be different. However, all of our clients will be supplied with a document which outlines all aspects of their case and the work they are instructing us to do. This will include the exact details of costs and payments terms. Our clients will always know what the costs of our investigation will be prior to us commencing any work. At no point would a client ever be charged for services they haven't agree to in advance of the work being carried out.

Who are you?

We are an ABI (Association of British Investigators) and WAD (World Association of Detectives) affiliated agency. Therefore, our customers can feel confident that they are working with bonafide investigators who have been vetted, interviewed and accepted in to the leading trade associations in the country and the world.

Contact Us

If you'd like to speak to us in confidence about the services we offer, then please call us on 0203 1466 659.

Tacet Investigations is often found after a client looks for private investigator London on the internet. There are many agencies who can be found using this method (a search for private investigator London) but Tacet is one a small number who are affiliated with both the ABI and WAD.