Private Investigator London – Confidentiality

Private Investigator London - Confidentiality

All of our clients can be confident in the knowledge that all aspects of our clients details, circumstances and any related information will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Complete confidentiality is the nature of the job for a private investigation agency. Our clients come to us with, what is often very sensitive information, and circumstances which has to be dealt with in the correct professional manner. Not only this but we at Tacet Investigations also have two other factors which influence the way we handle sensitive data.


Due to the change in law regarding businesses holding private information, GDPR has had a huge impact on the investigation industry. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we take extra steps to comply with the standard requirements of GDPR related legislation.

Internal Values

Along with the nature of our work and the legal requirements listed above and relating to GDPR, as a business we have a clear set on internal values which create a framework relating to using confidential and sensitive information.

Need To Know Basis

The internal value mentioned above also includes ensuring that of all the operatives who may be involved in an investigation are only given the information that they need for their part of the investigation.

For example, a large case which may have the need for surveillance operatives would result in the agents only having the information relating to the surveillance. There would be no need for any surveillance operatives to be given information relating to other aspects of the investigation unless it would effect their activities and efforts.

This extra level of confidentiality, on top of the measure listed above, ensures that not only do we do what is levelly and professionally expected of our industry, but that we go the extra mile to ensure our clients information is kept completely secure at al times and on all levels.

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