Private Investigator Leicester – Our Services

Private Investigator Leicester - Our Services

Tacet Investigations offer a range of different services for our three customers types: private clients, legal firms and corporate organisations.

Sadly customers only ever need a private investigator when something unpleasant has happened or they suspect something unpleasant to have happened which they need looking into. Although the levels of scale and severity of the situation which a client may find themselves in can vary widely, it is always the case that the services of a private investigator are only needed when a problem has occurred.

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The three primary services private investigators offer are applicable to all types of customers.

Investigations: The term "investigation" means many different things to different people. In the context if a private investigator, an investigation can be summarise into one of two categories regardless of the type of client they may be working for and regardless of the scale and complexity of a case.

In essence, investigations are run in order to either find something out which is unknown or to confirm or deny a particular assumption.

Intelligence: There is often a cross over between the three services offered by private investigators but intelligence is the term used to information which has been gathered in support of an investigation. It may be that only one piece of intelligence is needed for a particular investigation, but intelligence can be considered as anything which supports the overall aim of an investigation.

Surveillance: There are two main types of surveillance: physical and technical. Physical surveillance is when people or "boots on the ground" are needed and technical refers to the use of some kind of recording device which are otherwise known as "bugs".

As well as the standard two types of surveillance, there is also what is known as counter surveillance which is when a third party looks for standard surveillance operations. This happens on both a physical and technical level.

Additional Services: For legal clients, private investigators offer additional services which are specific to the legal sector. The main type of service needed by legal firms is process serving. This is where legal documents are needed to be delivered to a specific person or organisation in a particular way. In order for this to be done, a neutral person, is needed to deliver the document in the right way and so that they can provide a statement of delivery should the recipient deny having ever received the documents.

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