Private Investigator Leicester – Our Fees

Private Investigator Leicester - Our Fees

This page explains the costs of hiring a private investigator and what factors are taken into account when looking at pricing an investigation.

The cost of hiring a private investigator or a PI agency is going to be relative to the time needed to conduct the investigation, the difficulty of the case, any additional specialist skills which may be needed and in some cases, the location of the investigation.

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Time: The amount of time needed to run an investigation has an impact on the overall cost. On some occasions it is clear as to how many hours/days/weeks are needed to conduct an investigation prior to its commencement. However, there are instances when the exact amount of time needed to be spent on an investigation may vary so in those instances a lower and upper financial limit can be put in place.

Difficulty: The difficulty of a case will always affect the overall cost of an investigation as the more complex it is, the more effort, time, resources and specialist skills may be needed.

Specialist Skills: On some occasions very specialist skills might be needed as part of an investigation and the cost of these skills will impact the overall fee. An example of a specialist skill would be the need for forensic specialist and laboratory testing.

Location: There are occasions when the location of a case and the activities around the case will incur a higher cost than in other instances. An example of this would be cases which are based in and around London.

Range: On most occasions, we will set a lower and upper limit for a case so that clients know what the minimum and maximum costs would be. This gives us the flexibility to be able to make decisions on the case knowing exactly what budget we have to work with.

Promise: We promise that not only are there never any hidden costs, but that we will never exceed the agreed limit for a case without the prior permission of our client.

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