Private Investigator Leicester – FAQs

Private Investigator Leicester - FAQs

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions from our customers with regards to our services in Leicester.

If you're interested in the services of a private detective in Leicester, you can call us or you can fill in the "contact us" form on the relevant webpage: private investigator Leicester.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of an investigation will depend on its specific circumstances as its very rare for two exact cases to be required by different customers. Although there are certain aspects of investigations that may be the same, due to the nature of each different case we look to quote for each particular set of circumstances.

One thing we nearly always do is agree a lower and upper limit with the client which means that the client will know exactly how much they may have to pay and we have the flexibility to use the resources available to us in the best interest of the case.

We will never invoice our clients for a fee higher than the agreed price unless we are given the authority to do so as a result of a change in the investigations circumstances.

How Do I Pay

We ask for a percentage of the overall fee to commence the investigation and then the remaining balance will be paid on completion of the work.

In some instances we may require a monthly retainer but this is only ever the procedure with a large and ongoing investigation.

Am I Able To Meet You

We will always speak to clients over the phone and in some circumstances we can arrange a time to meet but this may depend on the severity of the case and our availability.

What If I'm Not Happy With The Results

We always endeavour to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the work that we do for them but in the event that they're not, we are always open to resolve any issues there may be.

To speak to us you can call us or you can fill in the contact form on the webpage: private investigator Leicester.