Private Investigator Derby – Our Services

Private Investigator Derby - Our Services

We offer a wide range of professional investigation services, not just in Derby but across the UK.

The founder of Tacet Investigations has been offering professional investigation services since 2012. Whilst initially he worked for other investigation and security firms, he soon started his our agency which now operates across the UK.

From the many agencies advertising on the internet under the term private investigator Derby, Tacet are aiming to be the best on the market. Regardless of the size of the case or the type of problem our customer may have, we always strive to offer the best possible service.

Although every case is different, our services can broadly fit into three different categories: Investigations, Surveillance and Intelligence.

Our investigation services cover a variety of different scenarios, regardless of the type of customer who comes to us for help. Whether we work for legal clients, large organisations or private individuals, our investigation services cover a whole spectrum of possible scenarios.

The best way to describe our investigation services, is to think of it as having one of two (or in some instances both) possible objectives. One possible objective would be to verify or disprove a particular assumption. The second would be to explore and understand.

For example, in a business due diligence case, a client may want to verify who if the claims being made about an organisation are true or false. In a different type of business due diligence case, they may want us to gather as much information about a company and its people as possible to understand the bigger picture.

The same approach would be used for all types of investigation services. We either look to verify or deny an assumption or we look to explore and understand. In a lot of case, regardless of what we are tasked with achieving there is often an element of both outcomes. As with every client we work for, we always make the same statement prior to being instructed to commence work and that is that we are contracted to look and establish the facts, we are not contracted to guarantee what it is that we find.

As part of our investigation services we also offer physical and technical surveillance services alongside intelligence gathering activities. Whilst these are both genres in their own right, technically they will both be part of a broader investigation.

If you've been spending time on Google looking for private investigator Derby, then look no further. You can call us or you can click on the link above to find out more about our services in the Derby area.