Private Investigator Derby – Our Fees

Private Investigator Derby - Our Fees

The private investigation industry can be a very murky world for those who are new to it. This is why Tacet Investigations has a clear and transparent pricing and work structure which provides trust and reassurance for our customers.

Although every case is different, one thing we always do is to set a very clear and transparent pricing structure for all of our customers. No matter whether our client is a legal firm, a private individual or a large corporation, our pricing structure gives customers the piece of mind they need to understand what they're paying for and exactly how much it may cost.

Out of the many businesses advertising on the internet for private investigator Derby, we strive to, not just be the best at what we do, but also to be transparent and clear in our pricing structure and work ethic.

There are certain services offered by private investigation agencies which could be described as standard work such as tracing for example. In this instance the fee for this type of service would be a fixed fee.

For some bespoke cases we will usually agree a lower and upper limit. This gives the customer the piece of mind to know exactly what the boundaries are that they may have to pay for the work and it gives the investigators the opportunity to know that should certain lines of enquiry take longer than anticipated, they have a certain amount of flexibility in how far they can pursue them. 

Very occasionally, and for long running investigations, the client may want to negotiate a monthly retainer for a number of hours of investigation services. Whilst this is quite rare, it does often become  a more viable solution for larger investigations that can continue over a longer period of time.

Regardless of whether our customer is looking for a standard service or a bespoke investigation, there are certain factors that are the same with all of our pricing. Firstly, we are completely transparent in what we charge and at no point would a client ever be charged a fee that has not been previously agreed. 

Secondly, all clients will receive a written case proposal, prior to the commencement of any work, which sets out all of the important details of the instruction for the client. This includes the cost, delivery time, type of work, method used and the general terms and conditions of the case.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service to our customers using a clear and transparent pricing structure.

For more information on why, if you're looking on the web for private investigator Derby, you should choose Tacet Investigations, call us or fill in the contact form.