Private Clients

Private Clients

We provide a full range of services to private clients which can range from fidelity investigations to reviewing and supporting criminal cases. Our private clients can be assured that we will be able to find a cost effective and efficient way to help them with their problems.

Below are just a sample of the range of services we provide to our private customers so if you require help in an area not listed below, feel free to contact us to discuss the matter further.


  • Debtor Tracing

    Debtor Tracing

    Debtor Tracing Tacet Investigations are often called upon to trace people who owe money. Whether that be to a private…

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  • Witness Statements

    Witness Statements

    Witness Statements Often hired by legal firms, Tacet Investigations can take witness statements on behalf of an organisation or person…

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  • Intelligence Gathering

    Intelligence Gathering

    Intelligence Gathering Intelligence gathering can come in many different forms and for many different reasons. But one thing is for…

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  • Process Service

    Process Service

    Process Service Tacet offer process serving services for private individuals, organisations and legal firms. We can take care of and…

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  • Asset Searches

    Asset Searches

    Asset Searches An asset search is a process by which we would investigate an individual or organisation and find out…

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  • Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking Our vehicle tracking services often form part of an ongoing investigation. This tactic enables us to track the…

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  • Phone/Data Forensics

    Phone/Data Forensics

    Phone/Data Forensics Data and phone forensics is a tool used to find out, often hidden, information on a device, tablet…

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  • Polygraph Testing

    Polygraph Testing

    Polygraph Testing Often referred to as a "lie detector test" a Polygraph is a device used to record patterns of…

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  • Fraud Investigations

    Fraud Investigations

    Fraud Investigations Our Fraud investigations have been used to prosecute and identify financial malpractice in cases of varying sizes. From…

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  • Criminal Investigations

    Criminal Investigations

    Criminal Investigations Tacet investigations is often asked to look into criminal cases from private individuals, legal firms or, on occasions,…

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  • Care Home Investigations

    Care Home Investigations

    Care Home Investigations With an ageing population, the UK has more and more people needing residential care but due to…

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  • Relationship and Domestic Investigations

    Relationship and Domestic Investigations

    Relationship and Domestic Investigations One of our most common investigations is what we call "Relationship and Domestic". Although this can…

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