Our Services

  • Mystery Shopper

    Mystery Shopper

    Mystery Shopper Tacet Investigations work for a number of customer facing businesses, supplying mystery shopper services. The main aim behind…

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  • Security Audit

    Security Audit

    Security Audit We offer three different types of security audit: Digital - Physical - Procedural. All three audit types have…

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  • Corporate: Competitor Investigation

    Corporate: Competitor Investigation

    Corporate - Competitor Investigation We offer a wide range of services in support of our competitor investigations. These in-depth and…

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  • Corporate: Internal Investigation

    Corporate: Internal Investigation

    Corporate - Internal Investigation We are often asked to conduct an internal investigation when there are cases of or suspicion…

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  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Due Diligence Tacet Investigations offer due diligence services for private individuals or organisations who are looking to purchase or be…

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  • Brand Protection Investigation

    Brand Protection Investigation

    Brand Protection Investigation More often than not it is retailers that require our brand protection services. Brands of all sizes…

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  • General Investigations

    General Investigations

    General Investigations The term General Investigation is what we associate with an investigation that doesn't fall into specific genres such…

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  • Debtor Tracing

    Debtor Tracing

    Debtor Tracing Tacet Investigations are often called upon to trace people who owe money. Whether that be to a private…

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  • Witness Statements

    Witness Statements

    Witness Statements Often hired by legal firms, Tacet Investigations can take witness statements on behalf of an organisation or person…

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  • Intelligence Gathering

    Intelligence Gathering

    Intelligence Gathering Intelligence gathering can come in many different forms and for many different reasons. But one thing is for…

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  • Process Service

    Process Service

    Process Service Tacet offer process serving services for private individuals, organisations and legal firms. We can take care of and…

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  • Bug Sweep and Counter-Surveillance

    Bug Sweep and Counter-Surveillance

    Bug Sweep and Counter-Surveillance Bug sweeping and counter surveillance used to be something you would read about in a spy…

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