Nottingham – Crimes and Detectives – Part 2

Nottingham – Crimes and Detectives - Part 2

In part two of this series of blogs on crime relating to the city of Nottingham, we continue looking at the change in rules that happen behind the scenes with regards to crimes and investigations.

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This rule was to ensure that the visiting officers are to obtain more proves, intelligence and information that will reassure victims, most times they are used to write 0ff crimes, 98 % of the prisoners whose file they examined have been taken out and that was why the inconvenient condition was strictly adhere to.

In the Nottingham, investigators found that the Central division wanted to claim that criminals had a huge amount of robberies which have never been reported by their victims, and after which the files were examined, they found that 91% of them broke the rules and the itcs can only describe the act as fictitious in which they concluded.

Nottingham police men created a new crime policy as a result of the inquiring.

The crime game has its own private language –‘cuffing’, ‘nodding’, ‘secondaries’. ‘TICs’, ‘DNFPA’ and ‘write-off’, and has nothing to do with policy in the way in which the public will understand it because it has little to do with reality at all. It has been a means of pretending to win the war against crime, and this acts allows prisoners to go unpunished and the victims to the crime to be cheated of justice.

However, when the new Labour Home secretary Jack Straw took over in the office, he offered a change in counting rules which make some of this misrecording more difficult making all these offences noticeable.

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