Nottingham – Crimes and Detectives – Part 1

Nottingham – Crimes and Detectives - Part 1

In the first of a two part series on interesting facts, anecdotes and stories surrounding crime in the city of Nottingham, we look at some of the rules surrounding investigations.

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During the mid-1990s, in Nottingham, police officer set-up an alternative recording systems. Simple records of minor damage, vehicle interference and domestic violence were used quite openly on the explicit instructions of the then assistant chief constable.

There were different cases where a householder would report a case to the police that someone attempted breaking into their homes, which is an attempting burglary according to the Home Office counting rules and such cases needed to be detected. It was written that no crime number should be issued until it was authorized.

The conclusion of the report produced by the chief constable was damning. Nottinghamshire crime-recoding policy, he said,’ was to have  the effect artificially reducing recording crime  to a more politically acceptable level’.

In 1996, it was inquired by the Bedfordshire that in a single year about 3,000 crimes were detected by the Notts in this way by persuading suspects in custody to ask the court to take into consideration which had never been reported. Sometimes police  would have solved a crime but will be unable to take it to court this was recognized by the Home Office, there was a strict condition that was imposed by the Home Office which says ‘the police must have enough evidence to bring a charge’. It was an inconvenient condition that was left out Nottinghamshire force’s rules.

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