This blog covers one of Nottingham's unsolved murders.

John Landa also known as Guicharn Singh Landa was a  taxi driver and a father of eight in the city of Nottingham, he  drove away but never returned. The death of the 33 years old taxi driver happened in the early hours of Saturday August 1992.

It was believed that John Landa was sent to pick up a passenger in peel street at Cyprus road at about 04:00 GMT but was found dead. A woman who was living along Cyprus road gave a report that she heard a car brake so she looked out of the window, then she saw a man who was violently searching through the dashboards of Mr landa’s taxi, the taxi was roughly handled as though there was a battle the woman couldn’t help but to call 999. Eventually she went down the street only to find the corpse of Mr Landa just yards away from his taxi , he  was stabbed 87 times  before the police arrived.

 Despite the efforts of the policemen and their investigation yet his killers has not been found, 11 people has been arrested but no one has ever been charged, this incident though 30 years back, still haunts the memories of  Mr landa’s family. Mr landa’s eldest daughter had said that they are still suffering but they could move on only if the murderer was caught., they seek for  desperate justice.

 The death of Mr Landa’s death still remains one of the unsolved crimes in Nott. Which date was back to 1963.

Serious crimes such as murders, rapes and various types of assault and similar high level crimes will be investigated by the Police and respective authorities.

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