Public Interview 8

Public Interview 8

We continue our investigation into understanding the publics view of private investigators, the job we do and how we operate.

Q: You might not know anything about this topic, but it doesn’t matter. You can just say whatever you want. So, I’m going to say to you the name of an industry – a business type – and all I want to know, is hear your views about what you think they do, how they work, etc., etc. So the industry is private investigation.

A: Okay. I understand that their scope might be quite wide. Private investigation can involve searching for missing people or trying to find certain information about a specific person. I understand that political… people in politics use that type of service. I think there is a negative light from society on that kind of industry, because you’re trying to uncover secrets from people and you’re trying to use it for someone’s advantage and someone will definitely be on the losing end of it. So, I definitely feel like society views it as a negative.

Q: Have you ever used a private investigator?

A: No.

Q: Do you know anyone that has?

A: Yes.

Q: And without giving away anything confidential, what was the nature of that problem, or that thing that they were solving?

A: It was a fraud that occurred and the person had absconded with a lot of people’s money and the people that were defrauded hired a private investigator to look for him.

Q: And was it involved in a legal, criminal issue, then?

A: Yes, but the country it took place in didn’t have a good judicial system, so they didn’t want to rely on the police or the FBI in that country, so that’s why they went through a private investigator.

Q: And did they get the money back? Did they get the guy at the end?

A: They got the guy and they threatened his family, and they got their money.

Q: The private investigator threatened the family? Is that a bit dodgy?

A: Yeah!

Q: Okay, so you’ve made the comment that there’s an ethical side to it, yet you know of something that was slightly dodgy. Do you think that’s the view of private investigators? That it is a – I mean, tell me about that sort of dodgy view, or not?

A: I think it really depends on the person who’s being affected. That situation happened to one of my family members, so I’m obligated to be on their side and they were defrauded out of a lot of money and so, to an extent, I do understand. I don’t approve of them threatening his family, I don’t think it’s his family’s fault. But, uh, yeah…

Q: Fine. What do you think of the – what do you know of the licensing side of private investigators? So, in this instance, we’re in a different country, we’re outside of the UK, so there’s different laws and regulations, were those private investigators, were they licenced? Did they need to have license? Do you know anything about that?

A: To my knowledge, that person was – he had a lot of experience working for the FBI, in that country, and he was a police officer and he’d just grown through the ranks. There was a lot of corruption in that system, so that’s why he was able to find the information and manipulate the younger officers he had access to.

Q: So he did something completely illegal?

A: Oh, definitely. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he got paid very well for it, actually.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah, but are they officially licensed? No, I don’t think so.

Q: No, not at all. Did they – was there a solution looked at that wasn’t dodgy? Or was that the only option that they had?

A: The family member and the other people that were affected did go through the proper judicial and, like, legal – they did go through the right direction. They hired lawyers and they started a lawsuit, but it didn’t pan out and didn’t get anything, so that’s why they had to go through with the alternative.

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