Public Interview 7

Public Interview 7

In our seventh interview, we ask another member of the public what their understanding is of private detectives and the investigation industry.

A: Private investigation?

Q: Yeah, so what do you know about it?

A: Um…what I know about private investigation is… I think spies that were hired to investigate some, like, world criminals, or some type of crimes that related with important political thinkers. Or public figures. So basically that’s what I know about private investigation. People who got hired to investigate certain problems or certain persons, issues or locations. That is like, highly, what’s it called, classified, that’s not very published in the…locally.

Q: You’re kind of saying this to me with a question, as you’re saying it, as in ‘is that true?’

A: Sorry?

Q: You’re kind of saying it to like ‘I think what I’m saying is true.’ Have you ever used one?

A: Uh, no, but I watch a lot of movies and, like, TV series regarding that.

Q: What do they do in the TV series?

A: In the TV series, what they do, they get hired and then they just investigate something that they’re not answered and that they know, so that’s why they hire those people to investigate further, whether this issue or this problem is actually the right assumptions that these people who hire those people…um…how to say it? It’s very hard to explain.

Q: Do you think … what do you think the laws are on it?

A: The laws?

Q: Yeah.

A: I’m not sure if there’s any law about it, actually, ‘cause I thought you can just, like, randomly hire people. Or usually I think it’s, like, word of mouth. You know these people who actually do this investigating thing and then they just like hire these people and pay them and then they will give you certain information about things you want to know.

Q: Is that a good thing or a bad thing, because the legalities of it could be that sometimes the information is sensitive, right?

A: Yeah.

Q: So if you were going to hire someone, would you want to know what credentials they had or what their background was? I know you’re not looking for one, but if you were, hypothetically, what would you look for?

A: Yes, definitely, I want to know the credibility for… like the first thing I want to know is their credibility, do they actually always do this kind of jobs, how are the results? Is it actually credible results?

Q: What about in terms of methods?

A: Methods?

Q: Yeah, so if the methods used –

A: To hire those people?

Q: No, to actually do the work.

A: For me?

Q: Yeah, so if you hired someone and said ‘look, I need to find this out’ and they said ‘well, we can do it, but A: we can’t tell you how we’re going to do it, or B: we can tell you, but you can’t tell anyone because it’s maybe a bit grey.’

A: So I think if I get a chance to hire these people to do private investigation, I’ll draft some contract first, whether this will be highly classified and it’s only between you and me, and so you only can report to me, not other people.

Q: But if the methods they used were a bit illegal, because the problem – the reason I’m asking is because the industry actually has no – there’s no law to it. There’s no rules to it. Anybody can do it and anybody can advertise. If you hired one, how would you know that that person was legitimate? And also, the methods they used – because if they did something dodgy and they said ‘but, oh, so-and-so paid me to do it,’ you’re complicit in a crime then, aren’t you?

A: That’s true.

Q: Mmm…that’s the problem. So what would you do, moving forward now, knowing that PIs aren’t regulated. If you had to hire one, what would you do?

A:  Umm…that’s hard. A hard one, in that I know there’s no rules. I think what I’d do is… yeah, still, what I’d do is… maybe, oh! I will have something, what is it called? Something that I can… something important that belongs to him that I can have, like for example…I don’t know… a house certificate or something that I can use to blackmail him, or like to make him… it’s actually quite a danger if he exposed me or do something, so I have something that’s valuable for him.

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