Nottingham Crime and Punishment Stories – Part 2

Nottingham Crime and Punishment Stories - Part 2

Here is part 2 of a series of blogs on crime and punishment stories from the city of Nottingham.

This post is one of a series of commissioned blogs on aspects of crime and punishment from the city of Nottingham. It has been commissioned by Tacet Investigations. Tacet Investigations are one of a small number of PI agencies who are on Google under the term private investigator Nottingham and who are affiliated with the UK's leading trade body the ABI.

Of all the detective agencies advertising under the term private investigator Nottingham, Tacet Investigations is one of the leading agencies of it's type in the UK.

Horse and Cart Gallows: Hanging people from early gallows sometimes involved fitting the noose around the person's neck while he or she was on a ladder or in a horse-drawn cart underneath. Removing the ladder or driving the cart away left the person dangling by the neck to slowly strangle. During the era of public execution in London, England, a prominent gallows stood at Tyburn, on what is now Marble Arch. Later executions occurred outside New gate Gaol, where the Old Bailey now stands. On 31 August 1681, Oates was told to leave his apartments in Whitehall, but he remained undeterred and even denounced the King and his Catholic brother, the Duke of York. He was arrested for sedition, sentenced to a fine of £100,000 and thrown into prison. The next day he was stripped, tied to a cart, and whipped from Aldgate to New gate. Oates died on 12 or 13 July 1705.

The Gallows hanging: 1803. William Hill was hung August 10, for committing a rape (attended with great brutality), on the person of Mrs. Sarah Justice, the wife of a respectable farmer, at Bole, near Gainsborough, on the 28th of May. Hill was the son of a laboring man of Lowdham, and was brought up very imperfectly – an associate of bad men, dissolute, and grossly licentious. He acknowledged to the Chaplin, after conviction, that he had made criminal attempts upon other females, one of whom was only 12 years of age, but without success. On the morning of death, he had to be dragged out of his cell by main force, and the exertions of half-a-dozen men were scarcely sufficient. He was then conveyed to Gallows-hill ; but no sooner did he feel the cord loose by which he was tied to than he leapt over the side of the vehicle to escape, to the great several men immediately struck him with the blunt end of javelins, he was again forced to ascend the cart, and compelled to die.


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