Case Scenario – Threatening Emails

Case Scenario - Threatening Emails

With the increase of Cyber crimes, online bullying and "Trolls" Tacet Investigations are often tasked with job of finding those responsible. In this case, the perpetrator of aggressive and threatening emails came from a very unlikely source.

Tacet Investigations (one of the most searched from the term private investigator London on google) were called in to investigate a nasty case of cyber bullying by a large London based finance company. One of their employees had been receiving offensive, threatening and bullying emails at their place of work. The level and type of abuse the man had been receiving was so unpleasant and hurtful that as the company hadn't been able to catch the culprit, the gentleman was taking action against his employer as he felt he could no longer continue working under such conditions and with such abuse directed at him.

Tracing the original source of emails can be a a tricky task, but depending on the knowledge of the person behind the emails, our investigations can result in a number of possible outcomes.

In some cases it can result in pin point accuracy and lead to a clear trail that goes back to the original source and identify those responsible. If the person behind the abuse are aware of the workings behind the scenes of emails, servers and the identification process they may be knowledgable and skilled enough to hide their tracks or possibly divert the trail away from them.

In this instance our email expert met with the company, discussed the case and then asked to have access to the account owned by the man who had been receiving the emails. He then did a detailed audit of the code and trail behind each of the emails and was able to identify the original source of the perpetrator.

The original source was using a VPN which is a Virtual Private Network. This is essentially a private way of using a network to increase security and in some instances hide their identity. However, on this occasion the outcome was an unlikely one......

Our expert looked further into the case and established that the VPN used by the perpetrator was that of the company in question. This meant that the person behind the abuse was working at the same offices as the victim.

With further investigation (we can't give away all of our trade secrets in our blogs but) our expert identified that the original sender of the emails was the victim himself. He had been sending them to himself to support his case to leave the company for bullying the hope of a large payout and healthy financial package.

Needless to say that he was fired from his company and his dishonest plan to fleece his own company in letting him go badly backfired.

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