Case Scenario – International Bank Trace

Case Scenario - International Bank Trace

The corporate side of investigations see Tacet work with numerous corporate entities from small regional companies to global conglomerates. In this case an International Bank needed help searching for a fraudster.

Tacet was hired by an International Bank (who shall remain nameless) that are located on the Asian continent, regarding a former customer of theirs. The person in question had stopped communicating with the bank regarding the repayment of a large debt. The lady and the bank had been in discussions regarding creating a method for her to pay back the owed amount when she stopped communicating and effectively, went on the run.

During these negotiations, the lady ran off and went into hiding. The bank, needless to say,  weren't happy and need the person to be traced. Initially the bank had hired local investigators but they were unable to find the whereabouts of the said person.

A UK based security from was hired with the task of tracing and locating the missing person. The intelligence they had from the Asian Investigation company was very limited in range and dubious in nature so they decided to ask Tacet Investigations to build up a new intelligence picture of the lady so they could then, along with the bank and local authorities, locate the missing lady.

In less than a few hours Tacet Intelligence agents had sourced the whereabouts of the missing lady. Using legal and ethical methods, our operatives found that the lady was in hiding in a hotel on the outskirts of a major city.

With pin point accuracy Tacet provided the exact location of the lady in hiding and past the information onto the relevant parties.

The net around the lady was tightening and this crucial piece of intelligence information directly lead to the location of the missing lady being identified.

All internet activities leave a digital footprint. Although this can be hidden, there are always ways to be able to trace those concerned. The only defence that those trying to hide on the internet have, is the will, knowledge and resources of those that are trying to find them.

In this case, the knowledge, will and resources of Tacet Investigations proved to be more than superior to trace the missing lady.

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