Case Scenario – Internal Investigation

Case Scenario - Internal Investigation

When a picture frame business was having issues with their stock going missing, they called in private investigators to find out what was going on.

We were approached by a family in the south east who ran a very successful picture frame business. The business had been set up by the current owners grandfather and had been in the family ever since. As the business had expanded under the current owners, more and more staff had been brought into head office and the factory to facilitate its growth but sadly the business started to have issues of stock going missing.

At first the owners accepted that a certain amount of stock from the factory might be stolen. Although not ideal, its no different from someone taking paper pens and stationary from an office but as time went on the amounts going missing started to increase and become more and more noticeable.

They decided to try and tackle the problem themselves by keeping an even closer eye on what was going on including installing a security camera in the factory itself. Sadly these methods still didn't address the problem and that is when they were recommended to speak to us about this problem.

The first issue was that the security camera they had installed was an overt measure, meaning that it can be seen. This means that anyone stealing stock from the company would know they were being filmed and would simply change their methods in order to not be filmed and caught.

We felt that the best approach would be to install covert cameras in certain areas of the stock rooms, including a camera covering the entrance and exit to the supplies room. After just one week of the cameras being installed, it became clear what was happening.

One of the factory managers, was gaining access to the room where all supplies were kept before the picture frames were being made and he was, very cleverly, sneaking the raw materials out of premises under the guise of it being damaged stock which he was going to "throw away".

The stock wasn't damaged at all and he was taking the goods home with him. Although this evidence alone was enough for the factory owners, they were unsure as to what he was doing with the goods so we where then tasked with the objective of finding out what he was doing outside of the business.

The factory manager was in fact running his own small picture framing business at weekends. Although the business was very small and not in competition with his employers business, he was stealing the raw materials and then profiting, at his employers expense, for his own financial gain.

He was also attempting to use contacts he had made through his time at the factory to grow his enterprise. Upon presenting the factory owners the details of his operations, needles to say the factory manager lost his job and the factory put tighter security measures in place to protect themselves in the future.

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