This blog post looks at the unsolved Nottingham murder of Shane Thompson in 1997.

This is another bloody crime that happened on the street of the East city of Nottingham which appeared to be a gang murder. It is a tragic loss of a young life whose name was Shane Thompson. It was believed that Mr Thompson had been with a group of friends from St Ann’s and Ranford after which he was attacked between a group of six or eight men and was beaten to death.

The murder of Mr Thompson took place at the ‘Two in the bush pub’ at Radford, his attackers from an area of the city which is known as the Meadow chased Mr Thompson with sticks and baseball bats and he was beaten to ground.

Mr Thompson who was age 19 years old was killed on November 30th 1997, his murder was believed to be linked with other crimes which had happened during that time, after several investigations, six people were tried of his murder but all were acquitted, till date this crime still remain unsolved as no one else has been arrested nor charged for the killing of  Mr Shane Thompson.

This story has been covered in other blog posts on this website. It is one that is sadly still unsolved and those responsible have not been brought to justice. It was one of a number of serious crimes which took place around this time that gave the East Midlands city of Nottingham an unwanted reputation.

Since then, crimes such as this have become very rare in Nottingham but it is still believed that gang related issues still occur and are often related to drugs.

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