Nottingham Theft


In Nottinghamshire, police officer set-up an alternative recording systems.

There were records of minor damages, vehicle interference and theft which were used quite openly on the explicit instructions of the then assistant chief constable.

However record has it that three Land Rovers , were  discovered stolen from a farm in Barkstone Lane Bottesford on the 22nd of December, this happened on Thursday night , a black Land Rover Defender was also stolen from the bridge field same night which was later found in  Cotgrave.

A khaki Land Rover Defender was also missing,  it was taken from a farm in Remstones Road, Belton near Loughborough, this happened on Tuesday overnight, it was also  observed that the keys to this vehicles were not stolen, the thugs made a clean entry to these vehicles.

These incident may be linked says some of the Nottinghamshire’s policemen who are putting all effort to get the thugs that are involved in taking these vehicles. Constable Darren once said that ‘ anyone who has seen a suspicious activity should make a report or call Detective Constable Lewis on the non -emergency   number 101 and follow the instructions’ he would gladly investigate the culprits.

He also advised people to be extra vigilant and any suspicious movement should be reported as soon as possible.

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