Close Protection London

Close Protection London

Although Tacet Investigations is a private investigation and intelligence agency, we do offer security solutions for customers who are looking for close protection services. A Google search for close protection London will result in a large number of potential security businesses but Tacet offer unique services in terms of our operatives and methodology.

Tacet Investigations has a sister organisation called Tacet Protection who are one of leading companies of its type which advertise for close protection London on the internet.

Close protection LondonAlthough they are a separate operational organisation, they are part of the Tacet Global business. Therefore Tacet Investigations are able to offer their investigation clients the highest calibre close protection officers available in the UK.

There are many companies who rank on Google after a search for close protection London but Tacet, are one of a small number who can provide the highest calibre protection teams in London and the UK.

From the many close protection London companies and organisations available, Tacet's close protection services are among the leading in the UK not just because of the quality of the operatives themselves but also because of the level of security consultants who advise both Tacet and our respective clients on matters of operational, strategic and tactical levels.

These security consultants include a senior officer from the SAS, the Royal Military Police close protection unit and specialist protections units from the Metropolitan police. We can also boast specialist cyber security consultants and former senior operatives in the UK intelligence services.

close protection LondonWe look after aspects of close protection and security for large organisations in the UK alongside private individuals and their families. Whilst the majority of our work is in the UK, we can provide security solutions abroad and for individuals needing to travel abroad for work and personal commitments.

All aspects of the close protection services we offer start with an initial consultation. This allows our clients to find out more about us, what we do and what we can offer. It also helps us to understand the needs of the client so that we can put together the right package of solutions. 

If you've been looking for close protection London on the internet then through Tacet, you will be able to have the most experienced and leading close protection services in London. We aim to be the leading company of it's type in the UK and in comparison to all other companies who advertise under close protection London.

Our close protection services start with an initial discussion, usually at the first point of contact, regarding our clients particular set of circumstances. From there although a quote could be obtained in certain circumstances, it is normally the case that a more formal meeting will take place where either one of our security consultants or a senior manager of the organisation will meet to discuss the exact requirements of the client in far more detail.

close protection LondonOnce this is done, depending on the complexities of the job, either a formal quote will be created and given (in writing as part of a formal proposal) or further consultation or a security audit will be required.

Alongside offering a truly bespoke and professional service, our clients confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. At all times the prvicay of our clients details and circumstances are kept completely confidential.