Close Protection London – Security Consultants

Close Protection London - Security Consultants

As part of our close protection services, we use the experience and knowledge of some of the most experienced security experts in the private sector.

The security consultants we use have two primary functions in relation to our clients. Firstly, their skills and background is essential in providing as detailed and accurate security audit and evaluation for our clients as possible.

This role sees our consultants look at the circumstances and requirements of a client so that a tailored and exacting solution can be put together. This will then latter be presented to our client and include a range of options for the client to choose from.

Our security consultants are also tasked with looking at and evaluating any existing security arrangements a client may have and to see where there may be any weaknesses or issues which need to be addressed. Once completed this report will then be presented to our client along with a range of possible solutions for them to consider.

Along side the role our consultants take in helping our clients, they also advise the company, when necessary regarding aspects of of their own security and related operations.

Our consultants come from some of the most senior positions in the British Army and the Metropolitan Police. This includes former officers from the SAS and the Royal Military Police close protection unit. We are also able to boast the services of senior employees at the UK security service and intelligence agencies.

Our consultants can help clients in the UK and abroad so whatever our clients requirements we will be able to help with consultancy and security solutions.

For more information about how Tacet can help you with either investigation or security solutions, you can contact us in complete confidence on 0203 1466 659.

Alternatively you can email us on:

You can also visit the specific webpage on this site at close protection London. The page close protection London will tell you more information about the security solutions we offer.