Close Protection London – Our People

Close Protection London - Our People

What makes our close protection services different from our competitors? Our process, our professionalism and most importantly of all, our people.

There are many companies in London and across the UK who offer close protection services, however we feel that at Tacet, we are able to position ourselves as one of the leading companies of its type in the UK. 

Security Consultants

All of our clients will require some kind of evaluation as to their exact security needs and circumstances. In most occasions, this will be carried out by one of our security consultants.

Our security consultants come from some of the highest positions in the British Military and Metropolitan Police units. This includes specialist officers with years of experience in the close protection and specialist protection units in the Metropolitan Police and senior officers from elite British military units such as the parachute regiment and special air service.


Our operatives also come from some of the same units as our security consultants as well as other highly prestigious and reputable British military units such as the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit and other infantry units such as the Coldstream, Grenadier, Scots, Welsh and Irish Guards.

Alongside recruiting operatives from elite units, we also hire agents with two other important conditions. Firstly they must have gained their SIA licence by training with a highly reputable and experienced training company. Secondly, we look at their level of operational experience and who they have worked with within the industry.

We take these steps to ensure that we have the best possible operatives to match the standards and values that we expect as a company and that we strive to deliver for our clients.

To find out more about our close protection services you can view our main page regarding these at close protection London. Our webpage close protection London will have more general information about the overall security service offer our clients.

To speak to us in confidence, you can call us on: 0203 1466 659