Close Protection London – Costs

Close Protection London - Costs

The costs relating to close protection services varies on a case by case basis. This webpage explains how pricing and payments works.

As every case is different, the costs for each security task we undertake will differ and correlate to the specific circumstances of each customer. However, the structure used to find the relevant costs for our security solutions is very similar.

In principal each operative in a security team will be charged at a rate, relative to the length of time of the task. For example, this may be a day, week or monthly rate depending on the task at hand. There may also be particular rates for specialist skills should the job require it.

Each operative will be contracted to work for a certain number of hours per day. However, should the job circumstances change then there may be an agreed rate for each hour of overtime the operative had to work.

Should the task require specialist vehicles, then the rate charged would also be established depending on the period of time the booking is for. Therefore any vehicle fees could be daily, weekly or monthly, again, depending on the jobs specific circumstances.

All financial and operational details will always be discussed and agreed before the commencement of the task. Not only this but a document, outlining all of the tasks terms and conditions, will be sent to the client and agreed by them, prior to the commencement of any work. At no point will a client ever be billed for anything they had not previously agreed to.

The exact details and agreement surrounding the payment conditions of a particular task will be agreed on a case by case basis. However, as an example of how payment agreements may be structured an existing client may be required to pay a monthly fee over an agreed period of time where as another client may be asked to pay a percentage in advance of the work and the remainder at the end of the task or spread out during the time of the work at agreed dates.

In essence, all aspects of the close protection and security services we offer are tailored to our clients exact and specific needs.

To find out more about our security solutions, please visit our dedicated webpage close protection London. At close protection London, you'll find out more about the services we offer.