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Tacet Investigations: Intelligence - Surveillance - Investigations.

Founded in 2013, Tacet investigations is one of the UK's leading investigation agencies. Working for clients of all sizes and scale, Tacet offer confidential and professional services in three core areas: Investigations, Surveillance and Intelligence.

All of our operatives come from a background in security, law enforcement or specialist areas such as financial forensics or cyber investigations. We look after clients from single individuals to large corporations so no matter what challenge you may be facing and what outcome you are looking for, Tacet Investigations can provide solutions for any given set of circumstances.

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Industry Professionals.

All of our operatives come from a security, law enforcement background or from a specific area of professional skills. Tacet Investigations is the leading private investigator in London.


Proven Track Record.

We have been helping clients since 2013 and are long term providers of intelligence and surveillance solutions to leading UK companies.


Different Options

Due to our extensive pool of agents and operatives, Tacet can provide the necessary skills for any given investigation. Our wide range of expertise gives our customers a large choice of service options to achieve their desired outcome.


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