Monthly Archives: October 2017

Vehicle Damage – Part 4

Vehicle Damage - Part 4 In the fourth and final part of this series of blog posts, we explain what our client did with her car damage evidence. The video footage we had recovered from the properties opposite the clients car had proved to be invaluable. The footage from all of the shops we had…
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Vehicle Damage – Part 3

Vehicle Damage - Part 3 In the third part of our blog series, we explain what the lady with the damaged car did next and how Tacet Investigations helped her find a satisfactory solution. The lady approached Tacet Investigations after coming to a "dead end" with her own enquiries. We do quite often have customers…
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Vehicle Damage – Part 2

Vehicle Damage - Part 2 In this blog, we continue the story of the lady whose car was parked somewhere different to where she had parked it, with a ticket and damage to the boot and wheel arches. It soon became clear to the client what had happened..... She had mistakenly parked her car in…
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